Where To Install Your Solar Energy System: Three Options

A solar energy installation company is usually fairly accommodating when it comes to where you want to install your solar energy system. However, there are typically three main ways to install such a system, and most people opt for one of these ways based on the amount of space they have on their properties and what suits their homes the best. Here are your three options to consider as you look to hire a solar energy company to install your solar energy system. 

On Your Roof

The roof is the most common place to install your solar panels for the system. If your roof is large enough and can handle the weight of the solar panels you will need, then you can consider this option first. After the panels are installed, wiring running from the panels down through your roof and your attic and into the photovoltaic energy collection and conversion box are installed, along with the energy conversion box which converts the solar energy collected into viable electricity. 

In Your Yard

Yard installations are less common, particularly because a lot of urban landscapes do not have enough yard to install the solar panels and because people are concerned that someone or something on the ground will break the solar panels. (Solar panels are somewhat delicate, which is why this tends to be a concern when you install them where pets, sports balls, baseball bats, fallen trees and windstorms, etc., can all damage the panels.) However, if you have enough yard space and you are not particularly worried about the panels coming to harm, you might prefer this installation option to the roof option. 


Solar energy can be collected remotely and delivered to your home. Solar energy farms are quite common in more rural areas of the country, and they have proven to be very effective at collecting enough solar power to light up small rural towns. The plus to installing solar energy panels on a solar energy farm that connect to your home via a series of underground cables is that you do not have to worry about using up valuable real estate on your property, nor do you have to be concerned with installing panels on the roof of your home. The panels are somewhere else, and the solar farm is maintained by the solar energy company, leaving you free to reap the benefits of solar energy. 

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