Why You Should Consider Solar Panels When Designing Your New Home

When you start construction on a new home, there are dozens of things likely going through your mind, from what school your children will attend to the different types of blinds you want on your windows. Something that many people forget to consider is the addition of solar panel systems. Solar power has come a long way in a short time, and it is easier than ever to install when you keep it in mind during the planning and construction phase. Here are a few reasons why you should keep solar panel systems in mind when designing your home.

Plan The Direction Of Your Home

If you do really want solar panels, then you need to consider the direction your roof is facing. Sometimes houses are placed at such an angle that the sunlight never really hits the largest sections of the roof for any solid amount of time. To maximize your hours of sunlight, talk to your builder, and consider the position of where the sun will rise, be at its peak, and set. While that may seem like an obvious statement, the sun is often more on one side of your house than the other. By taking this into account, you can generate more solar power.

Big Savings

While it might seem like an unnecessary cost on top of so many other financial burdens, solar panel systems are a long-term investment. Not only do they lower your impact on the environment, but they can actually save you money. For homes with well-placed solar panels, their power bill is often halved, if not more. In some states, your power company may actually pay you back for the extra power you generate that goes into their grid. Check with your local power company for their requirements.


The worst complaint most people have about solar panels is that they can be a little ugly to look at. With proper planning, you can shield your solar panels from the street so that they are virtually invisible to any passers-by and guests who visit. It is understandable to want your home to look neat and tidy, so many solar panel contractors will work with you to keep the panels only on the side facing away from the public. If you have a black roof, then even those on the rear portion of your roof will be hard to see.

For more information about planning and installing solar power systems, contact a local solar company.